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Höyry - WordPress expertise, branding and digital marketing

From 2013 onwards, we have polished our combined offering of strategy, digital design, technology and content to meet the needs of our customers in the digital world. Our agency, situated in northern Finland, works in co-operation with you to craft tailor-made solutions to help you reach your business goals. At Höyry, we help our clients take the next step in improving their brand, marketing and digital channels.

Easy to approach

We are a digital and creative agency with our roots in the north of Finland. Being easily approachable means in our case that we know how to listen and are ready to serve and deliver whether your need is big or small. We are creative digital professionals with our feet firmly in the ground.


At Höyry you meet a group of world class talent who are from all over Finland such as Helsinki, the Oulu region and Lapland. We are proud of our work and welcome even the most challenging digital projects. We have the required resources and expertise to deliver high quality outcomes.


Since 2013, we have promised at Höyry to deliver success in the constantly changing digital world. To stay ahead of change requires curious mind and courage to try something new every now and then. We always aim to question our old ways of doing things and find new methods to perform even better.

Consistent delivery

The larger the project the more important it is to provide reliable outcome of project delivery. At Höyry we have put emphasis on hiring the required talent and support people. This approach helps us ensure that your project sails forward smoothly in unexpected situations as well providing you ease of mind.

We help our clients take new steps in developing their marketing, branding and digital visibility . Our long-term partnerships are based on trust and they produce tangible results that help our clients succeed.


At Höyry you find team of professionals that helps you to reach your goals on schedule. We are easily available via phone and remote meetings anytime during your project.
Take a look at our latest cases and we’re happy to help.

Sami Halonen

CEO / Entrepreneur


Tel. +358 50 366 2726

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Virpi Vainio

AD / Concept designer / Head of Oulu


Tel. +358 45 630 1070

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Kalle Tapio

AD / Entrepreneur


Tel. +358 40 705 0836

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Jussi Tuoma

Full Stack Developer / Partner


Tel. +358 40 750 1571

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Robin Francett

Software Developer


Tel. +358 50 410 1208

Lotta Nykänen

Graphic Designer


Tel. +358 50 476 7797

Jaakko Ylikulju

Graafinen suunnittelija


Tel. +358 50 476 7797

Jarno Ruokamo

Software Developer


Tel. +358 50 410 1208

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Sini Liikanen

Graphic Designer


Tel. +358 50 476 6700

Tiia Honkamaa

Social mMedia Specialist


Tel. +358 50 476 6700

Nelli Salmela

Graphic Designer


Tel. +358 50 476 6700

Antti Peteri

Technical Helpdesk


Tel. +358 50 410 1208

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