Lapin Marjat

Brand identity, packaging design and website

Lapin Marjat (“Lapland Berries”) is a Lappish company, which creates tasty berry products from the cleanest ingredients in the world. The product range includes juices, jams and sauces. After freshening up their visual identity and logo, we also had the chance to create them a OnePage-webpage and several labels. The colors of these labels reflect the vibrant colors found in the Lappish forests, and with a single glance you can discover what berries each product contains.

Lapin Marjat logo
Hilla, mustikka ja puolukka hillopurkit
Hohde maustettu marjamehu pullo
Lapin marjat käyntikortti
Lapin marjojen verkkosivut esitettynä neljällä tabletilla

Sami Halonen

Toimitusjohtaja / Yrittäjä

Tel. +358 50 366 2726

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