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WordPress support and maintenance

HöyryTurva support and maintenance service makes life easier for WordPress website and WooCommerce online store owners. We fix WordPress issues quickly and make sure your website runs smoothly. We can fix everyday problems associated with WordPress like update themes and plugins.

What HöyryTurva WordPress support includes?
  • Fix to everyday problems associated with WordPress
  • Updates to WordPress themes and plugins
  • Assistance remotely wherever you are in English
  • Consultation on adding new features to the site

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Urgent problem with your website?

If you are not subscribed to HöyryTurva, the payment will be based on an hourly rate. Please send a message to tuki@hoyry.net and tell us about your problem. You can also call us at +358 (0) 50 410 1208. We will need login details for both the WordPress site and the server. After that, our developers will begin to determine the extent of the problem. If it’s a small issue, we’ll fix it right away.

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We solve website problems

Don’t be left alone with website problems. Now you have a number and an address for quick help. This applies to inactive plugins, themes and language versions.

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We fix WordPress plugins and themes

When the development for a theme or a plugin is discontinued, it’s common that compatibility issues arise. We can install, modify or restore the WP theme or reinstall a single non-functional plugin.

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We add new features to your website

Attach a blog, new language version or other functionality. Our services are done utilizing open source tools, which allows third parties to develop the service further.

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We improve your online security

Websites and online stores remain secure only if their updates are on point. We can also install SSL, which is required by Google, to the site.

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We fix WordPress login problems

Did you get locked out of WordPress? If your SFTP / Cpanel accounts are preserved, we have the means to create new accounts for you and you may continue using the site.

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We recover a hacked site

First we review the status of the hacked site, then we return it back to its most recent secure state. After that, the security holes are shored up so the problems won’t reappear.

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Höyry is a member of the Code from Finland campaign

Höyry is proud to be a part of the Code from Finland campaign. The Code from Finland symbol lets you know that the service is being developed in Finland. By choosing Finnish code, you choose code with superior quality.

Choose from these or ask for a quote

WordPress support service

HöyryTurva support and maintenance service

Starting from 18€ / mo.

Price will vary depending on the size and features of your site. VAT 0%.

HöyryTurva makes our developers available to you every day. This means you’ll know who to contact and the matter will be addressed promptly.

E-mail support

Chat and phone support on weekdays 9-16

Plugin and theme updates

Optional WordPress optimized server starting at +15 € / mo.

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Fix to a website problem

For all WordPress sites and online stores

Hourly rate

If the task takes more than 3 hours, you get a preliminary time estimate.

Leave your worries to us. Just send us the necessary login details and a description of the problem to tuki@hoyry.net. We need an Administrative user account for WordPress and a login for your web hosting dashboard (SFTP / CPanel).

Failed update or installation

Server issues

Forgotten logins

You want to make a change to the website

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