We are Höyry

Jacks of advertising trade, masters of digital world

Höyry is an advertising agency for the digital age with strong creative spirit at its core. While the clatter and bang of hammers on chisels may have been replaced by the clickety-clack of mouse clicks and keypresses, our marketing solutions are every bit as bespoke as the noble crafts of yore. We provide a full range of marketing and technology services that elevate your business to the next level.

Here’s a few reasons to choose us

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We don’t use subcontractors

All our online services, from WordPress websites to online stores, are done without subcontractors.

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Multichannel marketing

Digital, communications and advertising agency – all under the convenience of one roof.

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World-class design

Höyry has several world-class designers specializing in web services, service design and corporate identity.

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Competitive price

Thanks to our location in Northern Finland we are able to provide services at a competitive price compared to the Greater Helsinki metropolitan area.

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Distance is not an issue

We use Appear.in video conferencing, Slack, and traditional phone and email to communicate with our customers.

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Help even in difficult situations

When WordPress causes trouble or you want to develop your site further, HöyryTurva offers quick support. For other agencies as well.

How can we be of assistance?

Contact us and let us know how we can assist you. Or challenge us with your problem. As we work with companies of all sizes, we will certainly find the solution that fits you. In addition to marketing services, Höyry provides tools that increase the effectiveness of your business. Check out our work samples, get inspired and ask for a quote.


Jussi Tuoma

Full Stack Developer / Partner


Tel. +358 40 750 1571

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Robin Francett

Senior Software Designer


Tel. +358 50 410 1208

Jaakko Ylikulju

Graphic Designer


Tel. +358 50 476 7797

Lotta Nykänen

Graphic Designer


Tel. +358 50 476 7797

Erika Neitola

Graphic Designer


Tel. +358 45 630 1070

Jarno Ruokamo

Software Engineer / Trainee


Tel. +358 50 410 1208