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Santasport Lapin Urheiluopisto, the centre for wellbeing, sports and education in Rovaniemi, offers a great venue for holidays as well as for hobbies and high-level sporting events. It was our pleasure to develop for them a user-friendly, mobile responsive and easy-to-maintain online platform that makes booking and purchasing wellbeing-services online convenient. The project was started by creating a digital strategy, which guided our work. Multisite was chosen due to Santasport’s diverse service offering; now, for instance, Corestudio and Lapin Urheiluakatemia have their own subsites while still being able to display products from all the other sites.

Santasportin verkkokaupan korttinäkymiä
Santasportin nettisivujen kuvakorttinäkymiä
Hyvinvoinnin ja urheilun keskus Rovaniemellä
Santasport värit
Santasportin nettisivujen mobiilinäkymä
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Sami Halonen

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