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Establish awareness with SEO

Even the most high quality content does not bring visitors to your website if the content has not been produced with search engines in mind. With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) measures the search engines are able to offer your website to the relevant searchers. This is called organic visibility as opposed to paid visibility. Höyry’s SEO package ensures that your site is search engine friendly, both technically and in terms of content. We also provide you a comprehensive report, which includes plenty of personalized SEO tips geared for your site.

Why choose Höyry’s SEO package?
  • Higher visibility on Google
  • Effective keywords
  • Technical optimization
  • Long lasting effects
  • Written report and instructions

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Visibility at the Google rankings

With Google’s official tools, we find the best keywords and add them to your site for the best results.

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Website technical optimization

 A good website supports W3C technical recommendations so that we can ensure that the work of search engines is not blocked or made more difficult.

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Long term benefits

Campaigns come and go, but the time spent on search engine optimization will yield results for many years.

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Works also locally

Customers have a habit of looking information online, local services included, before making a purchase decision. Don’t let your competition take your customers.

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Increased sales

Reach those customers who are browsing the web at the right time; when they are looking for a solution you can solve or a product / service you are selling.


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Better user experience

By improving the ability of search engines to understand the content of your site, your customers will also benefit from increased clarity.

Search Engine Optimization -package

Improve your visibility on Google

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Make your website search engine friendly.

We ensure your site is not only search engine friendly but also user friendly. Our Search Engine Optimization package includes both content and technical optimization. Gain better insights that will help you long term.

Package includes:

Website analysis with a SEO tool

Keyword analysis

Content production

Technical optimization

Written report and instructions


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The most asked questions about SEO

  • How is SEO implemented in practice?

    In practice, the project goes like this: we use SEO tools to investigate the content and technical shortcomings of your site. This info is the basis of our optimization plan. Höyry has programmers to solve the technical issues (missing XML sitemap etc.). Our content creator performs keyword analysis to determine the search terms that best reach your audience. This is paramount in terms of targeting.

    Search terms are added to your site (leads, meta descriptions, titles, etc.). If necessary, we can also edit other text content as well as write completely new material.

    SEO is a process, which bears fruit in time. How long does it take for SEO to start working then? That depends on how old your website is, how actively the content is updated, its link profile etc. It can take several months before the results kick in.

  • Why shouldn't I write the texts myself?

    You can, but how familiar you are with the principles of SEO? Sure, Google says that their search engine is so smart that the writer doesn’t have to worry about anything other than creating compelling content. Unfortunate reality is that Google isn’t as smart as they claim it is. Well placed keywords are still vitally important.

  • What's the difference between SEO and keyword advertising?

    This is the difference between organic and paid visibility. Search engine optimization aims to increase the visibility of your site organically, while keyword advertising is a form of paid online advertising (see Google Ads). While paid ads can be of great benefit, it should never be done at the expense of organic visibility. We recommend that your site’s organic search engine visibility is maximized before you begin keyword advertising. This way you get the most out of the paid campaigns also.

  • I have a brand new website, but I'm not showing up on Google. What's up with that?

    Aside from technical indexing issues, there are other reasons why you don’t rank well on Google. Your new site is not a magnet that automatically draws in visitors. Google values high quality content and experience – in time your rank will improve, but you can hasten this process with SEO methods.

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