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Do you need to boost your sales? A campaign to raise awareness? At Höyry, we do not only individual campaigns but also long-term marketing with our clients, both large and small. We can refine your sales arguments, design memorable promotional materials and make sure you’re seen and heard exactly where you want to be.

For example, we offer following marketing services:
  • Advertising campaigns
  • The one-shots and ongoing advertising
  • Print and digital advertising
  • Marketing in Google and social media
  • Content marketing
  • Trade show materials

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Google Ads marketing

We will create a Google Ads campaign, which makes finding your product or service online easier for your customers.

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Social media content plan

Content plan provides rules for content production on social media channels. Engaging with your customers leads to more followers.

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Google Ads Remarketing

Market your services or products cost-effectively to the people who have already visited your website.

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Get fast results with campaigns

Want to launch your brand or product with a bang? We have the capability to make distinctive campaigns.

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Extra boost with concept design

Make sure your storytelling in engaging across multiple channels for multiple audiences at the same time.

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Kick your marcoms to the next level

Whether you’re thinking about press ads, a trade show booth or SEO, we can provide the services you need, regardless of the media.

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Low price, high visibility


Inform people about your services. Price VAT 0%

You know your customers, we have the vision. Let’s sit down and look how we can combine these two. With MiniCampaign, you can increase the sales of your product or service.

This package includes:

Message that speaks to the target audience

An eye-catching campaign look

Can be notification, social media update or content for website

E.g. targeted seasonal campaigns

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Campaign design

Additional boost to marketing

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Sales is a measure of success

If you want to drive sales, stand out from your competitors, effectively reach new customers or even launch a new product, you need a solid concept for your advertising campaign.

Definition of campaign goals

Distinctive campaign idea

Meaningful messages

Eye-catching campaign look

Multichannel strategy

Conversion tracking

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