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Strategic design is a way to success

Did you know that a brand is more than just a product or service? A skillfully crafted brand is always associated with values – it evokes positive feelings and images. It also stands out by being more noteworthy, attractive and engaging than the competition. Höyry helps you form a consistent and comprehensive view of your business in digital and brick&mortar.

What services we offer:
  • Yearly marketing plan
  • Competitor and target group analysis
  • Customer profiling
  • Marketing plans and communication strategies
  • Digital strategies
  • Social media strategies
  • Brand workshops and trainings

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Get the competitive edge with brand building

Consistent and carefully designed brand puts your business into the limelight and separates it effectively from the competition.

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Position your online presence properly

We will find the right places for your business to be seen and heard, as well as reach your target audiences with the right messages.

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Well-thought marketing

When you need well-thought marketing, we help you by designing a messaging strategy, annual marketing clock and insightful content.

Choose from these packages

Digital strategy

Level up your digital visibility


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A proper digital strategy is vital for your business’ online messaging concept. It generates effective digital visibility, guides your investments in different technologies and strengthens the commercialization of your business in an online environment.

This package includes:

Goals and target groups for the digital messaging

Online traffic source study and plan for needed functions

Specs for SEO and SEM

Social media channel choices and content guide for said channels

Configuration of monitoring and metrics

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Brand workshop

A well-designed brand is a strong foundation for business

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Develop your brand systematically

A strong brand conveys company’s mission, differentiating factors, buying motives and reflects the company’s values. Brand like this is noteworthy, recognizable, evocative and supports the intended image. Our brand workshop provides a solid foundation for storytelling and business messaging with your customers.

This package includes:

Competitor analysis and positioning

Definition of target groups

Customer profiles / buyer personas

Buying motives and target mental images

End-use customer’s path to purchase

Brand promise and core messages

Messaging tone and style

Brand’s visual look

Follow-up plan

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