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Stand out from the pack with a high-quality online store

Are you thinking about setting up an online store? We offer WordPress-based WooCommerce stores for both high volume online retailers and start-up companies. In addition to traditional product sales, our online store makes it possible to sell services and other intangible products.

Online store features and functions:
  • Flexible platform
  • Store that looks like your brand
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Versatile product variations
  • Integrations with external systems

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Union of content and store

Combine WordPress website content with WooCommerce store to form a dynamic whole.

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Visually impressive

The visual identity and structure are designed to look like the brand by an experienced designer.

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Proven to work

The functionality of the store has been proven to work. Our developers will make sure that the launch goes smoothly.

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Tailored to your needs

We create online store that fits your needs, whether you want to sell just one product or thousands of products.

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No plugin confusion

Many worries can be avoided if you leave the WordPress plugin selection to an experienced partner.

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Integration with other services

We have many ways to integrate your site with new or existing applications.

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Höyry is a member of the Code from Finland campaign

Höyry is proud to be a part of the Code from Finland campaign. The Code from Finland symbol lets you know that the service is being developed in Finland. By choosing Finnish code, you choose code with superior quality.

Work samples

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Online store

Modern and responsive WordPress WooCommerce online store


Price VAT 0%

Get a modern and easy-to-use online store. Comprehensive basic features and customizable appearance guarantee a success story.

WordPress Woocommerce Store on a separate domain

Clear order management and reporting

Product variations and modifications

Payment and shipping methods of your choosing

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Custom-built online store

WooCommerce store that is seamlessly part of a modern website

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You can also pay in installments

Online store is designed according to your needs, taking into account the requirements of your business and the target audience.

WordPress WooCommerce store + website

Design of appearance, structure and functions

Possibility to sell services and intangible products

B2B, B2C or both

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